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Kyle Smith. the site owner.

Kyle Smith. the site owner.

Welcome to Antwerpgymnastics2013.com a website that will provide you with lots of information about Sports Championships.

This website has been founded by Kyle Smith to create a community website that will promote articles and links about Sports Championships other related information’s. You will be able to read similar articles like the one below while surfing this site:

“….a way for us to think about players from totally different eras. What might game be without records. So these are some Sports records that are hard to break.

Rocky Marciano’s undefeated record, Marciano went 49-0 during his nine-year boxing profession. While his career was short from a calendar based viewpoint, “The Rock from Brockton” packed a considerable measure of matches into a year and he protected his world heavyweight title six times. While Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is 41-0 in his profession, it doesn’t appear to be likely that he’ll get in 49 sessions since he is currently 34 years of age, fights over once every year, and would probably lose to Manny Pacquiao.

Lance Armstrong Wins Seven Consecutive in Tour De France Races. It is difficult to find a more motivational figure in sports throughout the most recent 20 years than Lance Armstrong. The cyclist won a record seven straight in the year 1999-2005. Tour De France races after having survived testicular disease. While four different cyclists have won the Tour De France five times, no one will ever win the race seven years consecutively. Questions regarding doping aside, Armstrong is the best cyclist ever. …..”

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